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Drum Circles

Seated in a circle, each person holds a percussion instrument (drums and other small percussion instruments) and other resounding elements. Participants loosen up in the present rhythmic beat thanks to the facilitator’s indications, the person who is standing at the center of the circle.


Drum circles are a good opportunity to feel the rhythm that is born from each individual’s spirit and to enjoy the activity. In it, each participant feels free to loosen up and has fun while playing with rhythm, overcoming obstacles, feeling the group power and union, as well as a joint musicality growing from that particular moment.


From the center of the circle, the facilitator uses his/her body language to make all participants understand the instructions in order to create musicality in the circle and to lead the group to a percussion orchestra.


This activity is aimed at all ages and groups (schools, companies, entities, neighborhoods, festivals, centers…), and can be performed indoors or outdoors. No musical knowledge is required.


The specific objectives that we want to feel and work in the drum circle depend on the group (discovery, self-esteem, creativity, cohesion, equality…).

These are some of the benefits of drum circles:


  • They release tensions and reduce stress.

  • They are a good opportunity to loosen up.

  • They help us to coordinate and be attentive.

  • They stimulate creativity and happiness.

  • Participants have fun.

  • Vibrations benefit the space and participants’ energetic field.

  • They help us to listen, respect, and fail.

  • They create unions, groups, communities.

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