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Sounds, Silences, Senses


Along with ethnic instruments, the audience’s active participation and the creation of an enjoyable space, we will move through senses in a sound trip.



Ignasi Arumí (Nani)

Jordi Vinyoles


Purification and Prayer Ceremony

It is one of the most ancient ceremonies in the world. It has a Lakota origin and it is known as ‘temazcal’ in Central America and South America.

All powers of the universe take part of the ceremony, as well as the absolute presence of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. It is an intense journey to the inner part of our subconscious, in which we walk to reach our deep truths in order to find the most ancient pains and experiences kept in our memory. This ceremony undresses us and shows ourselves as we really are, with no excuses, to revive with a new life, by discovering your own treasures and focusing consciously on your particular journey, by renovating your body and calming your mind, by opening your heart and expanding your spirituality.

The sweat lodge (inipi) representsMother Earth’s womb and the sacred fire represents masculinity. The fire heats the stones (also known as ‘wise grandmothers’) that represent the seed and that will be introduced into the lodge by the Guardian of the Sacred Fire. Inside the lodge, the person who runs the ceremony throws some water onto the stones to create asteam, which, along with songs, prayers, and sounds, will start to purify our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.



Physical benefits

Purification and stimulation of almost all organs in the body

Purification of the respiratory tract

Purification of the digestive tract

Toning of the nervous system

Elimination of internal and external toxins

Purification of the blood

Toning and purification of the skin


Mental benefits

Opportunity to learn how to calm your mind

Depuration of negative thoughts

Change of mental habits

Positive transformations in favor of life


Emotional benefits

Opportunity to express deep feelings

Connection with the inner child

Purification of emotional waters

Liberation of blocked emotions

Reduction of fears and phobias


Spiritual benefits

Connection with our essence

Deeper meditations

Feeling of our own life’s power

Reconciliation with our relationships and ourselves

Opportunity to stop and find ourselves


Energetic benefits

Liberation of energetic knots

Rooting in the Earth and harmonization of the first chakras

Stimulation of the upper chakras and energetic balance

Renovation and purification of the aura


Who can participate in the ceremony

Everybody can live this experience if he or she wants to sweat.

We offer specific practices or therapies to closed groups.

Open groups all year long.


How it works and timing

It starts with an opening circle through sound, silence, and meditation.

A fire is lit.

The fire accompanies instruments and some movement and breathing dynamics.

People enter the sweat lodge.

People share their experiences, closing and orientations.

A grateful meal is served.


The ceremony lasts 6-7 hours approximately.

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