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Percussions of the World


We offer pedagogical auditions of ethnic percussion instruments from different continents. In them, children will discover the instruments’ origins, curiosities, sounds, and rhythmic possibilities, and how to manipulate them.


Let’s go into action: in the workshop, children will experiment with all instruments by creating, in groups of 15, a percussion orchestra thanks to a directed improvisation.


It is aimed at schools and all groups and ages.

Water Sounds

The first part is based on a continuous audition of instruments that sound with water and sounds modified through it. Likewise, we will discover how sound vibrations of some instruments can cause amazing changes and reactions in the water. We will create different atmospheres to strengthen the emotions that can be experimented by combining sound and water.


During the second part of the audition, children will manipulate the instruments and lead the atmospheres created. This part will be carried out in groups of 15, approximately, thanks to a directed improvisation.


It is aimed at pre-school, elementary, and secondary education students. Contents will always be adapted to thestudents’ age.








Recycle with Rhythm!


This is a workshop aimed at making instruments with recycled materials. 


We will reuse everyday materials to create one or more instruments, according to the available material and the group’s age.


We will experiment and become familiar with the instruments made and we will compose a musical theme and make some improvisations.


With this workshop, we will lead to consciousness on the reduction and reuse of wastes thrown away every day, in order to elaborate something creative.


It is aimed at schools and all groups and ages.

Dundun Workshop


In this workshop, you learn how to make your own instrument, the dundun, which is an African drum made of wood, iron, or plastic. It has cowskin or goatskin on both ends. There are three different sizes: the kenkeni, the sangban, and thedundun. These three drums represent the low-pitch basis of African rhythms. Like all instruments, they can be used and merged withall musical genres.


It is aimed at groups, companies, friends, etc.


Djembe Restoration

Over time, all ethnic drums can be broken or their skin might be tornor worn away. In this workshop, we can teach you how to replace your djembe skin, and you will discover your instrument more deeply, how to leave it tight and ready to produce good sound.


We sell customized dunduns and repair African drums.

We sell customized dunduns and repair African drums.

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