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by Jordi Vinyoles

Music has helped me to create this web page called Uniso, because the sound allows me tojoin different circles of people: music groups, classes and shows, therapies… I like to feel how this gathering in unison goes beyond chords, rhythms, and melodies; the experiences I live every day add another verse to my own particular song.

I play the guitar and I play percussion.

I have received specific training fromLourdes Noguera (rhythm guitar) and Jordi Creus,and I have attended classes at the Music School of Torelló (electric guitar) andat the Musical Union of Vic (classical guitar). I have also studied flamenco guitar next to Edgar Vila.

I have studied music theory and harmony at the Music School of Torelló and at the Musical Union of Vic.

I have learnt African percussion from Lluís Molas and some other African percussionists during my trips to countries of West Africa. Rodolfo Shlashet has taught me to make and play the dundun(African drum).

Enildo Rasua has trained me in Latin percussion, and I have also attended a Brazilian percussion masterclassby Alan Sousay and anIberian percussion masterclassby Aleix Tobias.

I have studied sound healing with Nestor Kornblum, Michel Averard,and Nello Chiuminatto. 

I have been trained in drum circles by Arthur Hull, and I have attended a drum circle masterclass by Jane Bentley and Paul John Dear.

I love all ethnic instruments and I enjoy discovering their sounds. I have a diversity of instruments from all over the world, from which I learn their possibilities and their harmonious wealth.

I like the adventure of feeling and discovering the sounds of the world and that there are infinite elements to create sounds and music.

Music goes with me every day and puts me in touch with music groups, plays, dance, shows, classes, therapies, as well as mystic and shamanic sessions. I am open to any proposal in which I can participate with music and my own presence.

I am a very good friend of nature and its elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire).

Tona Mestre has shownme a way to feel them intensely and deeply thanks to theinipi ceremonies, where I accompany people with sound and I become the Guardian of the Sacred Fire.

Caro Von Arendhas opened me the doors of her Indian camp to let me learn how to become a monitor and how to accompany children with respect in wild nature, while intensely enjoying ‘life in an inipi’.

​This is Jordi’s journey: always moving forward, uniting with sound, we will find each other!

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